Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Web Maintenace and Update Tips

Web maintenance plays a very important role in getting more visitors and more traffic in a website. That is why you need to be very very careful with the steps you make when maintaining a website. I decided to post some tips to follow in order for the website maintenance to be most effective.
  • Fresh Quality Content Always. The main objective of website maintenance is to keep visitors coming to your site. And the search engines drive great traffic when you update your website from time to time by adding new post. This is the reason why it is very important to add fresh and quality content regularly.
  • Tracking Visitors. It is also of utmost importance that you keep track of the activities by the individuals who visit your site. Which pages most of the people go to, which pages do they stay the longest and what attracts them most. This would assist you analyze your target audience interests and would help in making decisions for your next update and for the future improvements.
  • User Feedback. This is also a must for an effective website. Not only it would let people interact with each other, they will be able to give constructive comments and feedbacks that would give more maintenance tips. This can be done by setting up a forum on your website, providing a contact form and letting others to comment on your posts.
  • Newsletter subscription. Making newsletter subscription feature available would give your visitors an option to know updates made on your site. This would keep previous visitors to visit your website again.
  • Web Design. The design of your website play a vital role in the optimization of your site. Read more about it on my other post.
Do not have any ideas about these? No worries, nowadays, webmaster services is very much available to good outsourcing companies and virtual assistants are very much knowledgeable of these information.

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