Monday, December 15, 2008

Blogging Tips: What to follow

Writing a blog is not as easy as just plain writing. There are things to consider. One don't just go and post something for the sake that he blogs, rather, blogs aims something.

Sure thing, no one is a perfect blogger, myself included. But I decided to post some useful tips that some could follow in order to make an effective blog article and be an interesting blogger. The following are just a few, but these are what is considered to be the basics of blogging.
  • Make an opinion. People love blogs that are written by people. Do not sound like a robot or a writer for a corporation. Others read to be informed, they hate advertisements. And always do not forget to make a stand on an issue. Blogs can make great influences if written the correct way. Do not stay anonymous on an argument. Make a stand.
  • Less, short and understandable. A long article is harder to get and easier to forget. A short one would be its opposite. Be direct. Time is very important for you, much more for your readers. Give information as fast as possible yet the simplest as you can.
  • Make your post easier to read. Maximize spaces. Separate ideas through numbers or bullets. That way, it is much easier to grasp the idea. Create a scan-friendly article. Utilize sub headings, they serve to be friendly for long articles that offer lots of different ideas. This would work best if someone is only looking for a certain line or abstract. Use pictures to replace some of the content. Just be sure to optimize the image.
  • Be consistent. Do not change your topic from time to time. If possible, focus in only one theme. And be still with your style in writing. People want to know what to expect always.
  • Maximize your post. Make powerful links to your sources with the use of helpful anchor texts. Maximize the keywords that you focus on writing a certain post. Emphasize them by making them bold or underlining on them.
  • Edit your post. Correct the mistakes you did. Never hesitate to admit that you did something wrong.
I would also like to stress the fact that successful bloggers do not just blog because they earn money, or it is their job, rather they love what they are doing. Passion is always the key to success in any fields.


pchi said...

hi! this is true!

I agree with you

thanks for the visit by the way

Vanessa said...

These are the golden rules of blogging. Kudos for reminding us. Very enlightening.

SMac said...

A great post! When I started my blog I wasn't sure where to start and eventually I found lots of great tips on blogging in the forum at This too is a great list of tips, thanks for the info!