Monday, November 24, 2008

A Well Trained Virtual Assistant

To know that the virtual assistant that you hire must be well trained and had undergone the a great deal of screening is very assuring. Especially that you are not always present to guide and walk him through the correct processes.

But what are the standards of a proper screening and training? Here are just few of the ideas that are most important to consider and to asses how qualified an individual is.
  • Intensive Pre-employment Screening. A good outsourcing company must use a very strict screening in choosing the right people for the job. They should not only asses the current competency of the applicant but also his ability to adapt, and to learn with the profession. The one that should be hired is the one that would be very open-minded to be corrected of his mistakes and would be able to grow on the process of training. They should also be assessed in what are his strengths and in which specific tasks he will work best.
  • Exclusive Training Program. A very good virtual assistant must also undergo a training program that is formulated and based exclusively in the company's good management and strategies. There should be a minimum number of hours required to complete and they must be able to understand well the nature and how their job works. Also, training should not stop that. It should be on-going. There should be a continuous program that would help the agents stay competitive and focused.
  • Fresh Working Environment. This is also very important because it would help individuals focus on their work and prevent any distractions that would hinder on the quality of their jobs. For this reason, it is much more preferred if a virtual assistant would work in an office, not in their homes. Plus, there would be proper security that would help guard the safety of not just the agents, but also confidential information.
  • State of the Art Resources. It is very important to know that the person you hire uses modern and secured facilities, software and hardware. It is also suggested that they should be working with a monitoring software which would keep the integrity of their outputs. This would also ensure that their job would also be competitive in the modern world today. And lastly, this would enable you to communicate with the virtual assistant anytime, so that giving instructions would be accessible.
These are just few of the things to consider. May this article be one of your guide in choosing the right outsourcing company and the right virtual assistant.

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