Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Optimize Your Website

Website optimization is one of the important things one should consider when developing a website. But how can we optimize a website. What do we mean by that?

Website optimization means that we do the best in order for the website to be compatible to all its users, or in oder words, we maximize its usability. By users we mean, those who are visiting the site. There are instances that people use an outdated browser or a non-flash compatible one, and we do not want them not to be able to navigate the website we are making. We also want to maximize the web pages to be very friendly to the search engines, in order for it to find your content. But what are the things to consider to optimize your website? Here are just the few guidelines to consider:
  • Text Text Text. Nothing is more friendlier than to make a website with most of its content made up of text. All browsers, old or newly updated, can read text, making it a lesses requirement for people to be able to read you website. Plus, the fact that search engine spiders(or those who are responsible for indexing your content to be able to be viewed on the search engine results pages) can only read text, it would be easier for them to access your website, and access its importance.
  • Maximize Keywords. In making a website, be considerate of the content that you input in it. Since we are taking into consideration the targeted keywords to be used and to be optimize, we should only use it when it is necessary. Also, we should never "cannibalize" these words, or using it even unnecessary.
  • Links Optimization. Take time into reviewing the links that you would use in an outbound manner. Meaning, other websites that you would be using to link into. Make sure that they have the credibility and their content would have great significance to yours. Another is that create good interlinks or those links that divert back into your site. Just be sure that they would be very related. And when making a link, be sure to use powerful anchor texts. Do not just use urls or words like "click here", use those that would add the reliability and the importance to those that you are linking into.
  • Quality Content. Always make quality content. I mean, what is the use to create a website that others would find no importance at all. What people are looking for is the content, not your website architecture. So always take time to make quality content.

These are just the few things to consider to optimize your website. But always make sure that the virtual assistant or the webmaster you hire, knows these things to consider.

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