Friday, December 5, 2008

Building Quality Links

Upon outsourcing, one of the first things most website owners would consider is directing traffic to their site and adding its popularity. But how can this be done?

One of the best way to do this is by Link Building. Link building means that we create links that will direct other people to your site. This is also one of the things that Google takes into consideration upon assessing the importance of your content. And how can we build these links? There are many ways to make links. The following are some of these.
  • Submitting Articles. There are many sites that cater article submissions. By doing this, you would be given a number of links that would go back to your site. But in order for your articles to be listed, this needs to be educational and appealing. In this case, others would get interested in visiting your site.
  • Submitting URL to Directories. This is another way to build links. Not only that you will be listed on these directories, you will also be given a link back to your website. Plus, some people prefer to search information through directories and the search engines gives points for every link.
  • Participating in Social Networking and the Blogosphere. Participate on discussions of other people's posts and articles, give useful feedbacks, and give informative data. By doing so, it would give other users a chance to view your website and to check out its content.
There are many other ways to make links. But it is not as easy as that. Many people often get in trouble for not knowing that what they did is not correct, that is making links just for the sake of popularity. Google actually may ban you from their search results if you are not careful and you are creating links of no use or value. One should build quality links, or in other words, those that would bring great value. But how? Here are just a few tips.
  • Link only to the neighborhood. In other words, link to those that have related content. Do not just participate in any discussions, be sure to place comments and feedbacks to those that, if not the same, relates to the main theme of your site.
  • Build links incrementally. Do not make 200 links overnight, this makes Google suspect you're a spammer and your site is not useful. Build them slowly. Never participate on garbage link request or those that would post links on spam e-mails and off-topic sites.
  • Vary anchor texts. Use your targeted keywords, not just texts like "click here" or the url. Also, mix them up frequently. Do not use words like "advertisement" or "sponsor" because search engine spiders devalue these links.
  • Submit only to respected directories. The example of these is Dmoz or the Open Directory Project and Yahoo directory. Do not just submit on directories, always check its credibility.
It is always advantageous if the virtual assistant you hire knows these information and knows good search engine optimization practices. Lastly, to wrap it up, building quality links may take time, but it is definitely worth it.


Roger said...

Thanks for the tip. I do agree that we should always make quality links over the quantity.

Connie said...

Yeah, thanks for the info, OMG, I think I did some of the bad stuff before.

SHY said...

building quality links may take up so much time, but I agree that it is more worth it. :)