Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Right Training Program

When you'll read my previous post here in this blog, you probably have noticed that I took a great emphasis on the proper training for a virtual assistant. But how can we define a proper training? When can we say that a training is enough to mold a qualified virtual assistant?

There are many things to consider in identifying the right training program. There is no standards that are set but most of the time, training is part of every outsourcing company strategy. So it really depends. But what I will provide are some guidelines to follow and to ask.

The following are needed to be answered in order to be sure that you employ and work with a well trained virtual assistant:

  • How many hours was his training? A minimum number of hours training, for example 160 hours, must be specified. By answering this question, one would be an assurance that a virtual assistant is equipped with the knowledge that is needed and the strategies.
  • How is the training done? This also needs answers. Is it done through video tutorials? Or is is with a trainer? Is it done online? Each of us may have their own preferences when it comes to this. But on my own point of view, I do believe that it is better if the virtual assistant you choose to work with has been trained through tutorial videos, since it is one of the best ways to grasp the ideas and the lessons that needs to be learned. I also prefer to have a trainer present so that questions are entertained as fast as possible.
  • Is the materials updated? Yes of course! The a good training needs its materials to be updated from time to time to cope with the changing demands of the businesses and industries.
  • Is there a follow up training? Even the virtual assistant is already knowledgeable and may be considered as an expert already, we still need to have follow up trainings so that, as I've mentioned before, they would be able to adapt new strategies and new ways to improve their jobs.

Well there you have it. I may have just mentioned a few, but these are just things that need to consider. After all, what we aim is to work with, not just qualified, but a good virtual assistant.


Tony said...

i really like the post.It is informative.Thanks for sharing the post.

Online Data Entry said...

This is the most important thing for a good virtual assistant as without a proper training it is hard to become a good VA. I really like this blog. Thanks.