Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Integrity of Virtual Assistants

Thinking of hiring a virtual assistant? How do you know that he will work just as you are paying him? How sure are you that your confidential information is safe? Is it safe to work with a virtual assistant who is located overseas?

Indeed, we set a lot of standards and expectations before hiring a virtual assistant because of the idea that we are not there to watch over them. That is why, it is important to hire a VA from a company that understands the importance of transparency and confidentiality in building trust with you.

The first thing to put into consideration is that the agent must be equipped with proper training and with strategies that can be very helpful in making the right job done. This can be achieved if the company has made sure that they have chosen only those that are qualified. Training must also be updated and accompanied by an ongoing one even after regularization.

There are many ways to know whether a company is qualified to do the job for you or not. A good outsourcing company also employ a robust computer monitoring software. With this technology, one is able to monitor the activities that are done by the agent. This includes the following:
  • Applications that are being used
  • Keystrokes being typed
  • Websites visited every minute
  • Files that are being used, transfered and printed
  • Emails that are being sent & received
This is then installed and maintained in every computers that are being used. This is not used to violate the privacy of the virtual assistant, but rather, it is used to assure that your work is being done. Therefore, in choosing the right company and the right VAs, individuals and corporations should take it into consideration that a software like these is being used.

And as for the intellectual property rights, it is important that one be assured that the virtual assistants that he is going to hire is following a Code of Ethics and an Agreement on Non Disclosure. It is also important to know that the office in which they are working has a good office environment, management and proper security.

To wrap it up, vigilance in choosing the right company and the right virtual assistant is the most important part of the process of outsourcing.


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